It's Time To Partner With
An Advisor Who Gets You

It's Time To Partner With
An Advisor Who Gets You

It's Time To Partner With
An Advisor Who Gets You

Wealth Management

We believe financial achievements should help enable you to realize your deeper goals, whether to retire comfortably, purchase a new home, or provide for a legacy.

It is for this very reason that our wealth management services begin by developing a comprehensive financial plan or by addressing a customized subset of planning issues. This approach allows us to understand your personal situation, financial goals, relationship with money, and prior investing experience before we implement an investment strategy to meet your wealth goals.

At a minimum, annually we sit down with you to update your financial plan and address any related issues (e.g., retirement planning, college savings, insurance, tax-efficiency, estate planning, etc.). Our quarterly reports provide you with detailed portfolio performance and a summary of the financial markets to put it in context. Perhaps most importantly, our team is available to meet whenever the need arises.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Artemis, our investment framework is built upon risk diversification, dynamic asset allocation, ESG screening, efficient execution, and opportunistic rebalancing.

Portfolio Risk Diversification

We draw upon a wide investment opportunity set, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities. We believe that effective diversification means not only allocating capital across a wide range of asset classes, but also across economic and market risk factors. 

Dynamic Asset Allocation

We monitor the relative performance and valuation of various asset classes against a changing global economic backdrop. We make dynamic allocation decisions based on perceived opportunities and risks across investment domains, taking into account changes in market conditions, valuation parameters, and the potential tax consequences of any reallocation decisions.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) CRITERIA

There is a growing body of research showcasing the financial outperformance of companies that effectively address ESG issues. For this reason we directly incorporate sustainability risk factors into our investment process. Click to learn more about our approach to Sustainable Investing.

Efficient Execution

We are scrupulous about managing investment transaction costs and maximizing tax efficiency. In addition to utilizing low-expense, tax-efficient funds, we pay close attention to ‘asset location’; i.e., optimizing our client’s investments across their taxable and tax-deferred portfolios to minimize taxes. We don’t hesitate to utilize tax-loss harvesting techniques to offset other capital gains as appropriate.

Opportunistic Rebalancing

Portfolio rebalancing involves trimming investments in those asset classes that have performed well, and adding exposure to asset classes that have underperformed. We make rebalancing decisions opportunistically, when allocations have moved materially away from target. According to research on rebalancing methods, the benefits of opportunistic rebalancing on portfolio return can be more than double that of time-based rebalancing.

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