Your Vision, Our Planning,
A Partnership To Get You There

Your Vision, Our Planning,
A Partnership To Get You There

Our financial planning engagements are designed for anyone who aims to better understand their personal financial situation.

We work closely with you to understand your goals and develop a practical blueprint to help you achieve those goals.

Through every engagement, our mission is to instill confidence, empowerment, and clarity so you can make your goals a reality.


We educate you on each and every topic, such as investing, taxes, and insurance, so that you can have confidence on your financial journey.


We explain everything in simple, plain language so you don't have to decipher any jargon.


We provide you with actionable recommendations so that you are in complete control of your financial situation.

Our Process

getting to know you

Before entering into a formal engagement, we want to understand your personal situation, financial goals, and key concerns that have led you to seek out financial advice. Based upon this, we will craft a mutually agreed upon scope of work. See below for a listing of our capabilities.

assessing your current financial situation

Most all comprehensive planning engagements begin by us working together to assess your current balance sheet and cash flow. You will have access to our client portal to upload financial documents to our secure vault or link your accounts electronically.

Building Your Financial Blueprint

We help you prioritize your goals and work with you to determine what financial choices and risks will allow you to achieve them. By working closely with you, we create a baseline projection of your future financial wealth.

Analyzing Tradeoffs

Using our baseline financial model as a starting point, we then develop alternative scenarios, such as retiring early, purchasing a second home, and gifting assets to children. This helps to inform our recommendations of everything from tax-related planning to insurance decisions and your investment strategy.

Presenting Recommendations For Your Feedback

We give you clear and concise recommendations so you can make an informed decision about your next steps. We aim to make our recommendations clear, actionable, and relevant to your specific goals and financial issues. At the conclusion of our engagement, we will provide you with an executive summary, an implementation plan and a copy of all analyses we performed to arrive at our recommendations.

Should you have any questions, we remain available to answer them as you implement your plan. Alternatively, for any client that would like to continue their relationship with Artemis, we offer our Wealth Management Services.

Our Capabilities

Our financial planning engagements draw upon some or all of the capabilities listed here.

Scenario Analysis

We show you the big picture of your finances, including income and expenses, and use that model to see if you’re on track to reach your goals.

  • Develop a baseline scenario (short- and long-range wealth projections) as a starting point for comprehensive planning work.
  • Test the likelihood of meeting short and long-term goals using probability analysis and other statistical methods.
  • Use scenarios to quantify the tradeoffs of one financial choice versus another.

Retirement Planning And Check-In

Whether retirement is off in the distance or approaching soon, we check in on your current plan and what decisions you need to make to keep it on track.

  • Determine retirement budget and yearly cash flow needs.
  • Evaluate sources of income, determine annual portfolio withdrawal rate, and the tax implications of your retirement options.
  • Facilitate informed pension, Social Security, executive stock compensation, and annuity payout decisions.

Investment Strategy

We look at how you’ve been investing your money so far and discuss with you some recommendations about what to do next.

  • Review current investment strategy, portfolio structure, and investment vehicles.
  • Develop asset allocation recommendations consistent with your planning needs and tolerance for taking financial risks.
  • For ongoing investment services, please see our Wealth Management service.

Cash Flow Management

Managing the amount of cash you require to meet current obligations as well as longer range plans can be tricky. We help you keep a clear understanding of your cash needs throughout your plan.

  • Analyze 5-year cash flow needs in concert with emergency cash reserves.
  • Determine the required savings rate to meet your long-term goals.
  • Advise on solutions to potential cash flow issues, such as mortgage refinancing.

Education Planning

We work with you to balance education planning with the rest of your financial plan.

  • Forecast the total cost of education with and without financial aid or scholarships.
  • Develop a savings strategy that meets your cash flow needs.
  • Evaluate alternative tax-advantaged education savings programs, like 529s and UTMAs.

Insurance & Risk Management

Our role here is to explain what financial risks your plan faces and evaluate whether or not your current policies are sufficiently managing those risks.

  • Consider all aspects: health, disability, life, long-term care, property and casualty, and asset protection.
  • Assess appropriateness and competitiveness of existing policies.
  • Recommend proper coverage levels and product types, and explain the ins and outs of Medicare as appropriate.

Tax Planning

We assess your tax situation in the context of your overall plan and look for ways we can minimize taxes not just for this year, but every year.

  • Provide customized tax projections to aid in decision-making, (e.g., stock option exercises, tax-loss/gain harvesting, and Roth conversions).
  • Consider tax-efficiency when developing investment portfolio recommendations.
  • Identify tax reduction strategies.

Estate Planning

We help you to understand the overview of your estate planning and advise on any additional steps you may want to consider in planning for your beneficiaries.

  • Analyze and explain tax consequences of current estate structure.
  • Review existing documents and beneficiary designations.
  • Provide referrals to estate attorneys as needed.

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