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Q2: Low Returns and Sequence-of-Returns Risk

Today we are publishing our Q2 2015 report in which we provide a review of the market (as usual) and the implications for the strategies we are pursuing for our clients.

This quarter we review the conclusions we made a year ago about low prospective market returns for both stock and bonds over the next decade and expand on some of their implications for investors. In particular, we explain sequence-of-returns risk and what it means for those entering retirement. We also discuss options investors have to diversify away from public markets.

Picture of Leigh Bivings, Ph.D., CFP®, CDFA™
Leigh Bivings, Ph.D., CFP®, CDFA™
Leigh is CEO and Founder of Artemis Financial Advisors LLC. Leigh has a Ph.D. in applied economics from Stanford University and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®). She enjoys working with clients and strives to give them peace of mind and robust frameworks so that they can make more informed choices about spending and saving and make these choices with enhanced confidence.

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