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New Offering: Basics of Personal Finance Course

Artemis is pleased to announce a new service offering designed to teach young professionals the basics of personal finance. Taught by a member of the Artemis team, the course covers everything a recent graduate needs to know to begin to manage their financial affairs responsibly.

Topics Covered:

  • How to establish a budget and savings goals
  • Principles of sound investing
  • Managing credit and debt
  • How to optimize employer benefits and minimize taxes
  • Basics of insurance and estate planning

The course is taught in two two-hour sessions either in-person or remotely.  After the course, the student receives:

  • Complete copy of all course materials
  • Budgeting template
  • List of curated on-line resources to learn more
  • Follow up phone call to answer any questions

Price:  $1,200.  Small group pricing available on request.

For more information, contact Mark Haser or Sean Beznicki at [email protected] or call 617-542-2420

Mark Haser, M.B.A., CFP®
Mark Haser, M.B.A., CFP®
Mark Haser, M.B.A., CFP®, is a Wealth Advisor at Artemis Advisors. His areas of interest include retirement and education planning, risk management, and cash flow management.

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